Understand Your Workers’ Comp Rates and How to Control Costs

Workers’ Comp Basics

  • Oregon law requires it: Protect yourself and your employees from unexpected costs and potential lawsuits.
  • Covers: Medical bills, lost wages during recovery, and other necessary benefits for worker injuries.

How Your Rates are Calculated

  • Industry matters: Your business type is assigned a class code (e.g., construction has higher risk than office work).
  • Your history counts: Safer workplaces generally get lower rates and might qualify for an Experience Rating Modification (ER Mod) discount.
  • SAIF and other factors: Rate tiers, group programs, and Oregon regulations all influence premiums.

You Can Control Your Costs – Here’s How:

  1. Safety is key: Prevent accidents with training, hazard reduction, and good hiring practices.
  2. Fast action on claims: Assist injured workers back to appropriate work quickly.
  3. Partner with Prineville Insurance: We’ll explain your rates and help you find ways to save.

Why Focusing on Rates Matters

  • Lower insurance premiums
  • Improved safety culture builds a stronger business
  • Potential for financial rebates and rewards

Prineville Insurance: Demystifying Workers’ Comp Costs

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