Rental Properties

Rental Property Insurance

Rental Properties

Our agency also writes Non-Owner Occupied Properties sometimes referred to as Landlord Property or Rentals. We can write them if the home is rented out year round, or even if it’s a weekly or seasonal rental. We also are able to write rental homes for out of state owners, which many companies in California are not able to do.

Rentals 1-4 Units

Smaller properties can be insured on personal insurance policies and commercial policies. As a real estate investor it is important to ensure that the insurance reflects the needs that you have.

Let our team help you insure your property correctly.

Rentals 5+ Units

Multi-unit properties require enhanced coverage. The building’s mechanical systems become more complex. The opportunity for a hazard to affect multiple units can become an issue.

Investors need coverage that not only protects the property but also protects the potential loss of cash flow in the event of a claim.  Managing risk is just as important as finding the proper coverage.

Our team works in partnership with investors to ensure that the property protection is in place and that they have tools to reduce the potential for claims in the future.


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