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Farming is a high-risk enterprise, and if your agricultural operation faces any unexpected setbacks, then you are running the risk of losing a lot of sensitive commodities, not to mention a chunk of your income. As a result, it’s imperative that you design a farm insurance portfolio that will cover all essential aspects and liabilities associated with your operations.

Getting the right agriculture and farming insurance will mean personalizing your different plan options to address your precise risks. As a locally owned and independent agency, Prineville Insurance and its expert team of agents understand your individual needs as a customer. We’ll work hand in hand with you to customize your farm & agriculture insurance benefits to your advantage.

We proudly serve Paso Robles, Atascadero, Templeton, and the surrounding areas, and if you’re on the hunt for farm insurance, you can trust us to keep your best interests at heart. Contact us today and you’ll be on your way to insurance solutions in no time.

The Basics of Farm Insurance

Farming (of any kind) is a high-risk endeavor. There are countless hazards that might come along at any moment to damage property, interrupt production and destroy products. As a result, farmers need to be able to rely on the right insurance benefits to help them pick up the pieces.

Essential benefits that most agricultural enterprises need include:

  • Crop Insurance: Damage to crops might arise from weather, fires and other hazards. This coverage can pay you a settlement to help you replace those items and lost income.
  • Farm Livestock Insurance: A loss to your animals could mean a loss of profit. Therefore, this coverage can help you recover the results.
  • Equine Insurance: Horses are often valuable both for farm operations and their market value. Therefore, when you breed or raise horses, a single loss might cost you a lot of money. This coverage can insure your horses against death, injuries and other hazards.
  • Farm Equipment Insurance: Should important assets like pumps, rakes, sprayers and other tools get damaged, then this coverage can help pay for those items.
  • Tractor Insurance: Standard equipment insurance often doesn’t cover tractors or other farm vehicles. You can buy separate coverage to protect these items against damage or other losses.
  • Farm Dwelling Insurance: If you live on your farm, then this policy can cover your home.
  • Farm Structures Insurance: This coverage insures barns, grain silos and other property.
  • Commercial Auto Insurance: Vehicles owned by the farm or used in its operations will need commercial auto insurance rather than personal auto insurance.
  • Farm Liability Insurance: Your operations might cause bodily injuries or property damage to various people, including your clients. This coverage can help you repay them for their losses.
  • Umbrella Insurance: Under standard liability insurance, there will be limits. However, if a claim exceeds these limits, then umbrella liability coverage can help cover remaining costs.
  • Workers’ Compensation Insurance: If you hire full- or part-time employees in your operation, then you will likely have to buy workers’ compensation. It will pay an employee supplementary income if work-related injuries or illnesses force me off the job.

Because of numerous industry regulations, you will face several coverage requirements based on your specific operations and liability profile. We can help you not only enroll in all required benefits, but also enhance those benefits in ways that will optimize them to your advantage.

Those who are concerned about price points can rest assured that we will keep your budget in mind when helping you build your policy portfolio. Though all insurers will weigh risks differently when setting prices, we’ll be able to use the latest price comparison tools to help you always get the best value, and the most savings, from the plans within our carrier network.

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