Manage Workers’ Compensation Claims Effectively and Save

Filing an incident report or a worker’s compensation claim can be stressful. Prineville Insurance is here to simplify the process and help you control those costs.

What to do when a workplace injury occurs:

  • Incident Report (minor injuries): Use this for incidents requiring only first aid and when the worker doesn’t intend to file a claim.
  • Workers’ Compensation Claim (Form 801): File this immediately if the worker seeks medical treatment, requests a claim, or has an injury that could lead to a claim.

How to streamline claim management:

  • Communicate clearly: Stay informed with the insurance company, your employee, and medical providers.
  • Utilize Oregon-specific programs: Tap into the Oregon Prescription Drug Program, Employer-at-Injury Program (EAIP), and Preferred Worker Program (PWP).
  • Focus on return-to-work: Partner with Prineville Insurance to develop modified work programs to get your employees back on the job safely and quickly.

The Benefits of Proactive Claim Management:

  • Cost Reduction: Effective strategies can lower workers’ comp insurance costs.
  • Faster Recovery: Return-to-work programs often promote quicker worker recovery.
  • Employee Morale: Demonstrate your commitment to employee well-being.

Prineville Insurance: Your Claims Management Partner

We know the ins and outs of Oregon’s workers’ compensation system. Let us guide you through claim filing, help you implement return-to-work programs, and find ways to save you money.