Gap in California Home Policies for Golf Carts

Lets say you purchase a new golf cart to ride around in your neighborhood and perhaps across the street to a local golf course. Did you realize that home insurance policies in the state of California do not cover golf carts once you leave the residence that you own and insure? In fact, with an unendorsed home insurance policy, you lose your liability protection even going to your neighbor’s home right next door.

Because golf carts are not classified as a motor vehicle, California has no requirement that we have to purchase liability insurance on them, (like they do for vehicles). If your intention, however, is to leave your residence premises with yours, then we strongly recommend that you insure them.

Golf cart insurance protects you as the owner from lawsuits that can arise when you or someone using your golf cart injures another party away from your property lines. The insurance will cover your legal expenses, as well as any damages to the cart itself caused by the driver’s negligence as well as the costs associated with injuries sustained in an accident.
Since golf carts have become more and more popular as a means of transportation even outside of golf courses, the number of accidents involving golf carts has also increased. This is why it is important to have the right insurance in place before using a golf cart.